Fantasy Sports Gambling Sites

Fantasy sports betting might be one of the coolest things going on today. Of course, it could have to do with the relatively new and unique format that is brought to the forefront because of it. New is always better right? Well in this case, that argument certainly has merit. Betting on fantasy sports is growing rapidly, and this page not only talks about why, but it also talks about how you can become involved if you feel like it is something that you would like to do.

Real money fantasy sports betting sites allow fantasy sports fans to approach a wager in a very similar format to the fantasy leagues that they have been used to. But there are some differences, most notably the fact that actual money can be placed on site, not just a friendly wager between you and your friend.

Is It Legal To Bet Money On Fantasy Football + Other Sports?

Actually yes, it is legal to wager on fantasy football and other fantasy sports, even at sites operating in the United States. Fantasy sports betting is specifically excluded and not considered in the same category as general sports betting.

This is awesome news for those who want to make money playing fantasy football and other sports, who also want to experience in a new format each and every week during the course of the season. Real money sports betting sites that feature ways to wager on fantasy performances often feature all the major sports you might normally play.

Types Of Fantasy Sports Sites Where You Can Win Real Money

Fantasy sports betting sites can cover one sports, or multiple. The majority of the ones that you come across and the ones that we like the best have a range of different sports to bet on from a fantasy perspective. You can't cross sports to bet on fantasy sports, but you can have plenty of different wagers going at one time. You can even have one team entered across multiple leagues and buy-ins for the day or week.

Daily + Weekly Fantasy Betting Sites

This leads us perfectly into what fantasy betting is like. The leagues will operate on a daily or weekly status. You can formulate a team just for that one day, or for the entire week. Football is a great example of this because users have the chance to pick teams just on a Thursday, Sunday or Monday, or all week long. Daily leagues for basketball and baseball are quite popular as well, with many teams playing throughout the different days of the week much more often than in football.

The type of sport that you wish to wager on could dictate the type of league that you want to join. But it also depends on the type of bet that you want to make as well. Some leagues only offer weekly formats, while some will offer daily formats. It's up to the site.

FanDuel - Try It For Free; Entry Fees For Real Money Games Work For All

The best of the real money online gambling sites on fantasy sports we've come across is without a doubt, FanDuel. This website offers many different sports to bet fantasy from a daily and weekly perspective. They are based out of New York, and are rapidly expanding since their launch back in 2009. It was a unique concept, and it has certainly caught on during its run.

To play for real money, users can deposit into FanDuel with a Visa card or through PayPal. You don't see PayPal offered at sports betting sites, but fantasy betting sites are okay to do that, for which FanDuel takes full advantage.

The leagues amounts and bets that you can make will range, from as little as $1 or $2, all the way up to $500 or more. The same can be said for the number of participant. It can be heads up, or thousands of entries paying out hundreds of players.

DraftStreet - One Of The Oldest Fantasy Betting Websites; Very Trusted

DraftStreet offers users new opportunities to make cash through fantasy sports wagering. While football might be the most popular fantasy sport, DraftStreet features a half-dozen other sports that players can create teams for.

There is no commitment that requires account holders to stick it out all season. Wagering on fantasy sports at DraftStreet is comprised of daily and weekly tournaments + leagues where there is no limit on how much you can win! That's right! Each player is in control of their destiny in how much they want to play and their earning potential.

The flexibility with fantasy sports betting at DraftStreet is a huge draw. Best of all, this type of wagering is completely legal in the United States. Real money betting isn't the only option, as there are free leagues available as well so if players want to try it out without financial risk, that option is available too.

Online Sports Betting Sites That Have Player Prop Betting

Another way to bet on fantasy sports that most are unaware of is by using player proposition wagers typically put forward by online sportsbooks. Doesn't sound like fantasy betting? It is because player props deal with statistical performances and since fantasy is so closely related to statistics, the two go together.

Below are online sportsbooks that accept USA players + one that doesn't, but the important thing here is that these sites all feature player props for individual games. The more games that are played in the sport of your choice, the more chances you will have at betting on fantasy sports through this method. Check it out.

Real Money Sportsbooks Accepts USA? Fastest Deposit + Payout Method Best New Player Bonuses
Bovada Sportsbook Yes, 47 States* VISA Credit + Debit / Western Union 50% Match To $250 - 1st Deposit
BetOnline Sportsbook Yes, All 50 States Credit + Debit Card / Wire Transfers Up To 25% To $900 - All Deposits
SportsBetting Sports Yes, All 50 States American Express / Express Check Up To 25% To $900 - All Deposits
5Dimes Sportsbook Yes, All 50 States Credit Cards / Payment To Debit 20% + 50% Up To $520 - 1st Dep.

Standard Fantasy Sports Betting Websites

A typical fantasy league doesn't have betting as often as these fantasy betting sites do, unless they are side bets with friends. But fantasy sports, especially fantasy football, might be the most popular thing going relating to the NFL and USA online gambling websites today.

Rather than daily and weekly picks, the standard league format requires participants to pick a team prior to the season, and then run those players through trying to accumulate enough points to win your match up every week, or day in the case of other sports such as baseball and basketball. Fantasy football remains the most popular of standard leagues, as is the case in fantasy betting during the season.

We do not really recommend any websites like these but you can typically find standard leagues + games being played at Yahoo, ESPN and other big names that feature fantasy sports. Each of them will vary when it comes to how much you can win and you need to be sure to read all of the fine print if you're planning on entering site-run fantasy leagues.

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