Real Money Online Racebooks

One of the most exciting types of sporting event in the world to bet on is horse racing. While the races themselves might take just a couple of minutes to run, there can be millions and millions of dollars wagered on just a couple of minutes of action. We all know how popular the Triple Crown races are, especially when there is a horse that has the potential to win it. Real money wagers on horse racing are some of the most popular of all.

Betting on horse races online is done at gambling sites known as "racebooks", which are generally found in separate sections within real money sports betting websites. The horse betting sites cover the entire spectrum of horse racing across the world for that day in the case of the best betting sites in the industry. In fact, you might be surprised just at how many races take place throughout the course of the year. There are many that happen in the U.S. and around the globe, which is what makes the betting opportunities on horse racing some of the most prevalent of any sport.

Is it Legal To Bet Real Money Online On Horse Racing?

Wagering on horses is legal in the U.S. at many land-based tracks in the United States. Thoroughbred racing is considered as separate from other types of sports betting, which is what makes it legal to do. When it comes to gambling for real money online on horse races though, you still won't find sites that operate, as the ones that you will need to turn to operate offshore, though the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act isn't exactly clear on the issue of horse racing.

With that being said though, there are plenty of great options though, with daily horse racing odds plus a variety of futures wagers and propositions betting lines for some of the bigger races on the schedule.

It's also worth nothing that a few states like Illinois once had state-regulated online racebooks although the law that allowed that to happen was allowed to expire in 2012. Talk of bringing is back has been on the table but is currently at a stand-still. We mention this because it has been regulated before and will likely be regulated by any state that has horse tracks within it's borders in the near future.

Best Real Money Horse Betting Websites

There are many online racebooks that have some great odds to lay money down on horse racing. Below, we take a look at a couple that we feel exhibit the best of what represents a quality racebook, and why placing real money wagers on them is better to do there than anywhere else.

Bovada Racebook - Friendly To North American Horse Bettors Including USA

The racebook that is up at Bovada is second-to-none in the case of making bets for real money. Bettors are able to click into that section and bring up all of the day's races and odds. The different tracks and locations around the world are detailed, along with the start times. Bovada gives ample opportunity to make wagers right up to the horses leaving the gate at post time.

Bovada is legal for bettors in the United States to play at, and despite operating offshore, it's still one of the best online gambling sites for USA players. Bovada's account holders are made up entirely from users in North America. As such, ways to make bets for real money at Bovada for Americans are easy, very safe, and best of all... very quick!

BetOnline Racebook - Offers Betting On Races In U.S. + International Races

BetOnline has a bunch of different aspects to place wagers on, one of which is a great racebook. BetOnline allows players in all 50 states in the U.S. to come and join their racebook to lay down real money and try to cash in big on many different wagers that can be made. BetOnline forms some of the most betting odds for different horse races around the world that you will find.

One of the nice things about BetOnline is that they pay their players out quickly. They can do this in several ways, and it's up to the player. The best payout option for you to receive your winnings will depend on a couple of different things, including time to send and the fees that come along with them.

More About Betting Real Money On Horse Racing

A couple of key factors relating to real money horse betting are the methods in which this can be done. It begins with the option to deposit into your account. Different racebooks will have different ways in which this can be done by the player. Credit cards and wire transfers are the most commonly found ways, but there will be other accepted methods as well.

In terms of payouts, check and wire transfers probably lead the way, but again, there are other options that can be unique to the race betting site itself. We want you to find out more about this topic, and as such, have several real money deposit and real money payout pages for more details about what to expect.